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Napa Long Term Recovery BEGINS!

There are 22 houses identified in Napa with compromised roofs that have not yet been repaired after the earthquake last year and will suffer permanent damage from rain water leaking into the house during the next rain. We plan to put tarp material furnished by FEMA over these roofs to protect them until we can deploy repair teams later this year for more permanent repairs.

We are looking for volunteers who want to assist in this 1st effort. Safety is always our primary concern with all of our work team efforts. Everyone participating will be required to attend a training with FEMA approved procedures for providing temporary shielding for homes compromised by a disaster to protect them from the weather until permanent repairs can be made. The class is a hands-on session of 2 hours to cover basic techniques and practical experience.

The mandatory class will be on Saturday, August 8th from 9:00 - 11:00 in Napa at a location to be determined and is led by certified trainer from United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

Topics include:

  • What different types of tarps are available?
  • Tarp in relation to location of damage
  • Tarp in relation to location of damage
  • How to work around protrusions
  • Issues with non-shingle roofs

    Click Here for more information, and to register.

    Volunteering in our community

    Our programs use volunteers to help with some of the Valley's most important work. Our volunteers and donors, people like you, are the backbone of our organization.

    Our Recruitment and Referral program provides a single point of contact to mobilize Napa Valley's community members, local businesses, and non-profits in both good times and in times of disaster. Fill out an application and tell us what you want to do: Volunteer for Special Events, Work with Children, Assist with Disasters, Do Home Repairs, Work with Seniors, Work with Animals... We work with all of Napa Valley's not-for-profit agencies and organizations. We can help you find that Volunteer Opportunity that is right for you.


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